OG Bob – Autoflower


We feel that if you’re a resident of the African continent you’ll be well accustomed with the legacy of OG BOB.

A radical leader of the pack for decades, we can maybe go on record as saying that he should have moved off the couch a bit earlier.

Then again if he was getting on high on his own supply – it would explain a lot.

Cannabis Genetic Makeup

Bred from the exquisite OG Kush cross (Chemdawg and Candy Kush), this heavily dominant Indica strain (95%) is all about producing concentrates or oils.

For those looking to do some cooking with their cannabis this is the strain for you.

Weed Growing Profile

Not the easiest strain to cultivate, but it can be grown in- or outdoors. We’d recommend it for those who have been around the growing block a few times.

It’s growing cycle from seed is completed within 11 weeks! You could leave it a little longer you could reap a very large yield. But there’s a reason why you selected the autoflowering, rather than the feminized seeds.

And its THC content is very high and should be enjoyed responsibly. So, if you are leading a country don’t even think about smoking this strain.

OG BOB Good-Good-Good Aromas And Taste!

The aromas you can expect when grinding up the OG Bob are strong earthy tones with a hint of sweetness.

Its giant Indica high is bound to give you couch lock, with a little droopy eyes. When the economy really tanks this is the strain we’d recommend.

Otherwise, blend into a lovely olive oil and drizzle on some salad. Hell, who are we to tell you how to enjoy the OG Bob.



Genetic Makeup: OG Kush x (Chem Dawg x Candy Kush)

Indica: 95%

Sativa: 5%

Outdoor: Yes

Indoor: Yes

Seed to Harvest: 11 Weeks

Height: +-1m

Yield: Extra Large

THC Content: 22% Very High

Effect: Droopy-eyed and couch locked.

Flavour: Earthy and Sweet


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